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40th Anniversary & Corporate Retreat

November 29, 2019 | News

This year, we organized our Corporate Retreat with our 40th Anniversary Dinner on the same day. It was a significant and eventful day. We started off in the morning with Corporate Retreat which saw us taking a recap on our vision, mission and brand pillars.

After a good lunch in the office, we headed off for our CTM amazing race which involved staff heading to various key project sites to commemorate our 40th anniversary milestone. We created good bonding and fun in this race, most importantly, we enhanced our knowledge on the company’s milestones.

The day was completed with a dinner held at Ban Heng Restaurant, Orchid Country Club. This dinner signified our 40th year and we celebrated it with staff, management and founders of the company. We held a CTM Got Talent where a few colleagues participated in a singing competition. It was an extremely eventful day for CTM.